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Net lease FAQ

What is a triple net lease?

Many people are familiar with commercial leases where the tenant pays rent, and the landlord takes care of pretty much everything else. Triple net leases (also called NNN or net leases) are different. The tenant pays rent plus the three “nets” – taxes, insurance, and maintenance – in a net lease. This results in fewer landlord responsibilities.

Why a choose triple net lease investment?

Triple net leases are attractive for their relatively low levels of landlord responsibility. This tends to attract investors who desire to allocate their capital into relatively stable, cash flow generating investments with appreciation potential and often higher returns than bonds.

Who is the typical net lease investor?

There is no typical net lease investor per se, but they are generally able to invest in assets over $1.5 million, prefer investment grade tenants and fewer landlord responsibilities, and expect returns between 4% and 7%.

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