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Moving beyond tech in net lease real estate

We’re strong proponents of technology that better serves brokers and clients alike. And not in the “we use email” or “we sort of use a CRM” kind of way. No. We’re squarely focused on using technology in a deep and profound way. So what then should you make of this article’s title? 

Simple. Technology used well should make human interaction better, not eliminate it. Too often technology is used to create impersonal distance. Thus, the shift from analog to digital eliminates the analog. 

We say that’s wrongheaded. Instead, the flow should be analog -> digital -> better analog. 

An example using the dreaded phone tree will help illuminate this idea. Let’s use a fictional person named Bob. 

Bob’s bad phone tree day

Bob has a checking account with NNN Bank. He calls NNN Bank to tell them about some shenanigans he noticed in his checking account. The phone tree kicks in and he’s stuck. No prompt to enter in identifying information or anything like that. Just some options to check his account balance, pay his credit card bill, or take a survey after the call ends. 

He starts pounding 0 a bunch of times, because he’s sure that will get him to a customer service representative (CSR). Thankfully it does, but the CSR doesn’t yet know it’s Bob. Instead they say, “and who am I speaking with?” 

Bob successfully verifies his identity, and after a bunch of questions the CSR finally transfers him to the fraud department. 

Bob’s issue was resolved, but he’s not happy with the technology and longs for the day when he could “just talk to his banker.” 

Bob’s better phone tree day

NNN Bank gets a new owner who decides that the phone tree experience is poor. A new system is created and deployed. 

In short order, poor Bob has some more shenanigans happening in his checking account. The bank knows this before he does and emails him a fraud notification. 

He calls the bank, and the new system automagically recognizes his phone number. It prompts him to enter his pin number for confirmation.

After confirming his identity, Bob is given personalized options, including speaking to a CSR about potential fraud. The CSR answers the phone and says, “Hello, Bob, I see you’re calling about potential fraud on your account.” 

Bob now loves technology, because it solved his problem while making everything more efficient, effective, and personal.

Use it and move past it

That’s the point, isn’t it? By using digital to move towards a better analog experience, everyone is happier.

That’s why we don’t simply “use technology.” Instead, we focus on enhancing personal relationships.

Life’s just better that way. 

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