Join us on a journey to change the net lease industry.

We have invested countless hours and mental capital building a platform that is better for brokers and clients alike.

This platform is tech-forward, broker-friendly, client-centered, and focused on ethics and camaraderie. 

Simply put, our holistic approach forms what we consider to be the best experience in the industry.

Are you a broker interested in joining our team?

We are ...


Our technology and processes eliminate the minutia that brokers encounter daily. This same platform also enables fast, effective, and distributed communication.


Ethics are a prerequisite to join the 3 Properties team. We strive to maintain our focus on ethics in all our deals and relationships.


Our corporate ethos is sacrosanct. We believe that respectfulness, kindness, and collaboration are key to a better work environment and mutually beneficial success.

Our Process

1. Contact Us

We would love to tell you all about how 3 Properties can make your life as a broker more simple and efficient. The first step in the process is to contact us

2. Schedule A Meeting

Next, we will schedule a meeting at a mutually beneficial time. The goal of this meeting is to listen to you and take note of your needs.

3. Internal Conversation

After the meeting, the 3 Properties team will get together to discuss if and how we can help you. In particular, we will explore how our systems benefit you – the broker. 

4. We Help You Succeed

Finally, if we’re a good fit, our team will outline how our systems and processes give you more freedom to do what you do best – close deals.