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How to break through the noise in commercial real estate marketing.

Commercial real estate is in many ways still an old school business, and there’s nothing strictly wrong with that being the case. But this means there’s a lot of noise, and not a lot of differentiation in the market.

Here are three ways we market differently at 3 Properties.

Organic traffic.

We focus on driving organic traffic to our website by producing consistent and high-value articles and podcast episodes. 

This serves to increase exposure for our properties and add immense intangible value for readers.

It is also an exercise in relationship building. The person reading an article may not be a broker, investor, or buyer today – but they may be next year.

Third-party software. 

Most companies use third-party software. However, understanding how to and why you use it is critical. 

We use software that has tangible value, isn’t widely used in the market, and increases automation.

For example, we don’t use standard contact forms on our website. Instead, we have distinct and purposeful forms with automated email responses. An email from our CEO is sent automatically when a form is completed, and the email text is specific to the respective form. 

Everyone likes to be heard and acknowledged. This automatic response builds relationships and acknowledges that the submitted information was received.

We also have an automated set of tasks that kick in once a prior task is completed. This means no sticky notes on your screen or wall and fewer missed opportunities for marketing and relationship building. It also results in a simplified professional life.


The good old email list. Many companies have lists of people and email addresses to which they sent marketing. But how effective are they? 

Segmentation is the key to successful email marketing. We split our list into areas of interest – state, profession, etc. –  so we’re sending pertinent information to people who want it. 

Thank you!

Thanks for reading. We hope this was helpful! 

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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