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Getting to know Tim Lee

Tim Lee is Vice President of Operations at 3 Properties.

His professional services span the net lease spectrum including consulting, transactional, and brokerage.

The 3 Properties team is strikingly unique. How do you think your background informs your work?

Tim: Well, since I was quite young, I’ve been investing and following the financial markets. I was 18 when I bought my first income producing property and have been actively investing in real estate ever since. After I finished my undergrad studies, I became a professional advisor and real estate has always been a part of the portfolios I’ve managed. 

Throughout my advanced education and training, I’ve analyzed and more completely understood the various ways in which real estate can enhance returns, especially after-tax, while reducing the risk of a portfolio. NNN properties have provided some of the best total returns for me, so when I met Dave and he invited me to join the team, my experience was a natural fit. One of our core beliefs is that diversity produces value in almost every case.

You’ve moved into the brokerage/transactional side of 3 Properties while still functioning as Vice President of Operations. Do you sleep?

Tim: I can’t stand sitting in one place. The old adage: ‘if you want something done, give it to the busiest person in the room’ comes to mind. The experience I have across real estate investment, client service and bringing technology to bear on both areas is a natural with our strategy of engaging advanced technology to improve operational efficiency.

Your early time at 3 Properties was primarily focused on operations. Can you explain a little bit about how that work provides value to clients and brokers alike?

Tim: Well, initially I focused organizing each step of our process, digitizing whatever possible and ensuring that we have the tools in place to optimize our service for clients. However, through project we collectively realized that my experience building and managing a team of advisors could benefit the 3 Properties team. Because I’ve had the opportunity to understand the process from start-to-finish, I’m now able to bring a unique perspective to the execution of our operations from a brokerage perspective.  

It seems that your CEO David Sobelman spends a lot of time traveling to remote areas of the country. Is it true that he actually lives in Florida?

Tim: He does live in Florida, but he gets the chance to visit clients and properties across the country. Dave works as hard as anyone I’ve met, but through all of that manages to prioritize his family, which is a critical part of our culture.

Speaking of traveling, 3 Properties is headquartered in Tampa, but functions as a very tech-forward distributed team. How does that work, and do you enjoy it?

Tim: Yes, I’m one of our team members who is not located at the home office. However, we utilize technology to stay as connected as if I were in the next cube. In fact, there is a lot of our process that probably allows us to be more synchronized with each other as we are always aware that we need to keep one another in the loop. Additionally, the quality of our team – not just the individuals but the diversity of backgrounds – really drives excellent communication.

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