Getting to know Justin Gore

Justin Gore is Vice President of Marketing at 3 Properties. He’s also a licensed attorney and still confident he could’ve been a professional athlete despite all evidence to the contrary.

Explain the dichotomy of your insightful global marketing prowess and the fact that you can’t stand being the center of attention.

Justin: I’m not sure this is as dichotomous as it seems. The contemporary move, if you will, is to cultivate one’s own “brand.” I think this is short-sighted and potentially detrimental to the health of the company and individual alike. 

In this context, I’m absolutely uncomfortable with it being about me, because it’s not. It’s about the success of the team, company, and, most importantly, our clients. 

The center of attention should always be our clients, their assets, and the mutually beneficial outcomes that follow. The accolades, be they personal or professional, will come if we do our job well. This requires thoughtful and effective marketing, which is my ongoing focus. 

Let’s play reverse Jeopardy: “How does a lawyer become a Vice President of Marketing?”

Justin: Whew. A full answer would require a tome. The short version is that I really, really like critical analysis, messaging, and data. The overlap with law seems natural when I put it that way, right? 

I vividly remember sitting in a hallway before my patent law class and learning how to code. I was, and still am, deeply interested in how things work and why people choose a particular course of action. In our economy, the answer almost invariably involves marketing. It’s arguably the epicenter of our day, whether we’re aware of it or not. 

I also believe that marketing too often deviates from being human-centered. I try my best to market to people with relevant information they desire to receive. If you’re not opening our emails, for example, we don’t keep bombarding you with emails. This is precisely how I’d like for someone to treat me, but it’s often not how I’m treated.

These principles are rooted in the law. An attorney’s duty is to act ethically. Full stop. 

The world is about to end and you’re the last remaining superhero with a chance to save us all! Is your superpower the ability to fly or to be invisible and why?

Justin: The one that allows me to save the world, because I’d want to save the world.

What two songs best describes you and your personality?

Justin: Sinners Like Me by Eric Church for a simple reason. As with all of us, I’ve inherited some flaws. I don’t accept them without attempting to improve, but there’s something peaceful about coming to terms with their existence.

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. There’s so much beauty in the world if you just stop and look for it. Sometimes we just don’t choose to see it. 

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