Getting to know Emily Cusmano

Emily Cusmano is Vice President of Administration at 3 Properties.

She has been with 3 Properties from its inception and has seen the incredible changes that have taken place since that time.

You’ve been with 3 Properties and CEO David Sobelman longer than the rest of the team. How has the company changed since its founding?

Emily: Since our inception, our processes have been established, tested and proven. During the beginning stages, we were doing endless research to figure out how to change the archaic business model of the CRE field.

Now, we have platforms in place to automate various tasks so we can focus on our clients and our deals as we continue to push ourselves to constantly improve our company and the industry as a whole.

You work very closely with David. What’s your average day like?

Emily: Average day? What’s that? Haha.. On a serious note, every day is as different as the deals we work on; some days are full of calls and meetings and others are set aside for purely administrative duties. And, because we are a smaller team, I wear many hats – operations, HR, onboarding, marketing and even brokerage aspects of 3P as well.

3 Properties is a partially distributed team. It works very well, but your job involves a lot detail and sometimes paperwork. Do you find it challenging to have co-workers sitting across the country?

Emily: Actually, not at all. We have the processes/platforms in place that make this an extremely easy task. We all work off of the same systems so I can see what everyone is working on, who our brokers are calling, where a deal stands etc. I see my colleagues across the globe almost as much as I see the ones sitting across from me thanks to videos calls and the other tech we use to stay connected.

You’re the Vice President of Administration, but you’ve definitely found yourself involved in operations and marketing at times. What do you find most interesting outside of your specific role?

Emily: I love helping the company in any way I can, and also enjoy the change in routine that comes with knowing various aspects of how we operate. But, I find collaborating with my colleagues outside of my specific role the most interesting. I love brainstorming about how to continue to keep 3 Properties ahead of the curve in order to, as we like to say, disrupt the CRE industry.

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