Building a legacy

We believe that real estate isn’t just about transactions. It’s about building a legacy. A legacy that animates everything we do. 

Our Story

3 Properties was founded by triple net lease investment professional David Sobelman. Its platform allows experts to perform more efficiently, ultimately lowering corporate expenses and therefore reducing client fees.

With fifteen years of experience totaling billions of dollars in assets and a transaction volume reaching the thousands, 3 Properties exploits the cost-effective aspects of the transaction process. Clients receive better outcomes because overhead expenses are no longer factored into their fees.

In essence, 3 Properties provides the highest level of streamlined performance at lower cost due to drastically reduced firm expenses. When performance and cost-effectiveness are combined, all parties benefit enough for the market to embrace a drastically new net lease brokerage business model. To say that 3 Properties is disrupting the industry is an understatement

Our Values

We strive to not just do business, but to put ethics at the forefront of everything we do. 

We believe the best relationships are built on the foundation of collaboration. 

We challenge the status quo.