net lease technology

A new era in net lease brokerage

The commercial real estate industry is slow to evolve. This is no secret. But it does present a big hurdle when trying to change the industry for the better. 

At 3 Properties, we spend a lot of time trying to fix the systemic problems that make CRE unnecessarily difficult for brokers and clients alike.


Technology can be either friend or foe. We prefer to make it a friend, so we’ve invested in useful technology to create an (in our view) unparalleled platform. 

For brokers, we use it to lessen – and often eliminate – minutia. We do the heavy lifting, so brokers can spend more time on deals and enjoying life. 

We also employ technology to communicate quickly, efficiently, and effectively as a distributed team. Brokers aren’t tied to an office or location, but are empowered to work remotely while remaining in full contact with the team. 

For clients, we use technology to enhance communication, marketing, and the aggregation of prospective assets. 

For example, our 24/7 buyer portal contains client investment criteria and potential assets on the ready for client review whenever desired. 

And our marketing platform utilizes various technologies to distribute properties and collateral across multiple channels, as well as employing live chat, email, and automation to better communicate with potential buyers and clients. 

And this is just a slice of our technical integrations. 


The word “communication” appears multiple times in the foregoing for good reason. All the technology in the world is worthless without effective communication. We use it to enhance, not degrade client and broker satisfaction.

Our platform allows clients to choose how they want to interact. A lot. A little. Through email only. Chat. Whatever works, we try to employ. 

Ethics and transparency 

Ethics isn’t exactly a CRE buzz word, but it animates everything we do. 

The thrust of our existence is to make life better for all parties – broker, client, potential investor, and so on. This requires a distinctly ethical approach to business. 

If we can’t get the job done, we’ll tell you. If we’re not the right fit, we’ll tell you. If we think we are the best for your situation, we’ll tell you.


There’s a better way forward in the net lease industry. One evolves to make extensive use of value-added technology, focuses on improving the lives of brokers and clients alike, and places ethics at the forefront of its business model. 

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